Tuesday May 22nd at 7:15pm 

 Holy Reiki Experience Meditation $22

Wednesday May 23rd at 4:30pm 

Kids Yoga $11 

Wednesday April 18th at 7:15pm 

Yin yoga in the hammocks with Aromatherapy $10 

Thursday May 24th at 7:15pm 

Violin Sound Healing and guided meditation in the hammocks $22 

Friday May 25th at 6pm 

Yin yoga in the hammocks with Aromatherapy $10 

Friday May 25th at 7pm 

Restorative Yoga in the hammocks beginners $10 

Saturday May 26th at 6pm 

Yin Yoga in the hammocks with Aromatherapy $10 

Saturday May 26th at 7:15pm 

Yoga with customized adjustments $40/90min

Sunday May 27th at 8am 

Aerial Yoga in the hammocks beginners $10 

Sunday May 27th at 7pm 

Hammocks Sound Bath Meditation with Energy Healing $22 

Tuesday May 29th at 7:15pm 

 Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation in the hammocks $22

Wednesday May 30th at 4:30pm 

 Kids Yoga $10 

Wednesday May 30th at 7:15pm 

Yin yoga in the hammocks with Aromatherapy $10 

Thursday May 31st at 7:15pm 

 Yin yoga in the hammocks with Aromatherapy $10 

Sunday June 3rd at 10:15am 

 Aerial Yoga in the hammocks $15 

Sarurday and Sunday June 10th and 11th 

 Aerial Pilates Instructor Training   

Monday to Friday June 11th and 15th 

 Namaste Kids Camp Age 5 to 14 

Meditation in the hammocks with singing crystal bowls

Come breathe out some stress so you can breathe in to being an opportunity to be like a wave, rise to release then surrender to let something new arise.
Throughout our history many cultures used sound and vibration, aromatherapy, and breath as forms of healing. They have stood the test of time for good reason.
Sound & Vibration: Our bodies react to different sounds due to the vibration the sound is occurring at. Sound & vibration assist in healing the body by impacting the energy fields around our cells. In some way we are all aware of how powerful sound can be, giving us moments to really appreciate when silence comes. When we can relax from a cellular level our body can really rest into a feeling of safety and acceptance.
Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a gift from nature that can be used to reduce anxiety and agitation, bring about focus, balance the elements within the body, and can be really good at bringing a smile to your face raising our vibration. Hippocrates said “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.” smart man.
Breathwork: Breathing is a form of Self-love. We enter this world with our breath and we leave it with a breath. Our breath has the ability to return us to a more balanced and centered place, it can assist our bodies in reducing blood pressure, slowing your heart rate, and eliminating toxins more quickly.
Being cocooned in the hammock allows you to go deeper into yourSelf while sharing space with others. This is a beautiful time to allow yourself to surrender, trust, relax, and renew.
When our bodies feel safe and acknowledged with us we feel safer in the worlds we live in and can come from a more loving and compassionate place with more awareness. Price $22

Violin Sound healing and guided meditation 

Violin Sound Healing with Guided Meditation in the Hammock is a one-of-a-kind restorative hour of live, original violin music and guided meditations inspired by spirit and nature. As your body floats in a suspended hammock, the calming vibrations of the violin, along with gently spoken visualizations, provide stress relief and an easily accessed state of deep relaxation and mindfulness. Come join us and allow your body to reach a new level of tranquility. Price $22

Holy Fire Reiki Meditation Experience 

Want to experience some Holy Fire Reiki energy? Christine Brisco and Vanessa Johnson will be offering a meditation to experience what Holy Fire Reiki energy feels like.
Reiki has been defined as a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, or spiritually-guided life force energy. Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness–giving you the awareness of being loved.
Come experience it for yourSelf.

What makes you want to continue or move away from something? The experience it gave you……..so in reality how can you be wronged by experiencing life. Price $22

Yin Yoga in the hammocks with Aromatherapy 

Aerial Yin Yoga is a gentle and rehabilitating sequence of passive yoga poses that are held for an extended period.  Designed to open the body, calm the mind, and bring balance to oneself. The series of relaxing motions in the hammock will completely release the tension in the muscles and fascia, increase circulation, and balance the internal organs. The weightless support of the hammock allows your body to glide safely, while extending flexibility, with zero compression on the joints. It is a practice of pursuing an enhanced awareness of the body, mind and spirit as well as furthering repair and healing.

Price $10 

Restorative Yoga in the hammocks

Restorative Yoga is the gentle and rehabilitative version of Aerial Yoga open to all fitness levels. This class will float you through a series of kind, soothing motions in the hammock to completely release all the tension in your body. By stretching in proper alignment, you will relax the tightness in the back muscles, correct your posture, create natural traction in your spine and quiet your mind. The weightless support of the hammock will allow you to safely glide to the extent of your flexibility with zero compression on the joints. It is a practice of pursuing enhanced awareness of body, mind and spirit as well as repairing and healing the body. This unique technique is accessible to all. Price $10

Aerial Yoga in the hammocks for beginners 

Aerial Yoga is an innovative combination of traditional yoga poses and aerial arts using the hammock to increase muscle tone, flexibility, mobility through reverse traction, suspended asanas, flying vinyasas, and levitating meditations. You will develop a unique kind of strength, body awareness and well-being. This class is a full-body workout without the stress of holding and balancing challenging yoga poses, with the added fun and benefit of flight. It also provides an experience of sublime relaxation as you float wrapped in the cocoon of your silk. Price $10

Yoga for Kids age 5 to 10 

Not only does yoga help children develop strong and limber bodies, it also builds their self-esteem and confidence! Kids who practice yoga learn to have better focus, more concentration, and it sets a lifelong path for well-being. This interactive class will promote creativity and imagination in a fun and healthy way! Price $11

Yoga with customized adjustments  

Indulge in ultimate relaxation in this 75 minutes Yin yoga class. Long hold yin poses enable the HannaLe team to give each person at least 15 minutes of personalized attention helping you with specific needs and adjustments. Just a few of the benefits of combining personalized adjustments and yoga include; pain relief, reduced stress and anxiety, increased flexibility, increases resistance to injury, increases blood flow, improved range of motion, and a deepener mind/body connection. You will leave feeling refreshed, balanced, and limber.
*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to discuss your needs. Price $22

Self Defense for Women Workshop $15/2h  

Learn how to protect yourself in danger situation. 

This class strengthens your reflex/reaction time, show you combinations of the strikes you learned, speeds up your releases from grabs, presents real life scenarios, and improves your memory through repetition.
In a years time; you will learn different hand, elbow, and kick strikes. Also you will learn defending against certain situations of knife and gun attacks.

This class will teach you:
How to avoid being a target. How to handle a confrontation verbally, mentally, and psychologically.
Give effective tips on how to be safer and more aware in real life situations.
How to use various safety items as a form of extra protection.
How, when, and where to strike from head to toe on an assailant.
What to do in ground situations on the floor or street pavements.
How to handle attacks from behind.
How to escape from grabs and chokeholds.
How to handle multiple attackers & what to do when a weapon is involved.

Price $15